Blackford Hill

I completely retract my complaint about rainy Wednesdays; today was another warm, summery day.

We decided that the Flumlet might enjoy Blackford Hill. For those unfamiliar with the area, most of the ascent is made by car and a short walk takes one from the carpark to the top. Here he is, sitting on the trig point, with Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crag behind.

For the highlight of the morning we then went to feed the ducks on Blackford Pond, only to find that they had deserted, leaving only a couple of moorhen and the resident swans - nothing would come near for our delicious feast.

HOWEVER...two ladies, who were watching the swans on the island, half-hidden by the shrubs, pointed out cygnets that had hatched only yesterday and which the parents were encouraging on to the water, they thought perhaps four in all. The extra shows they succeeded - eight healthy cygnets under the careful eye of proud parents. 

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