By dfb24

I must have walked....

...miles, or at least it felt like it! Got picked up at the hotel this morning by the hotels’ free shuttle service, & it was the first time ever (in my experience) that the driver didn’t drop each of us passengers off at our respective Airlines. Instead, he drove to the pick-up area for people that have just flown into Denver Airport, stopped, and told us this was where we could enter the terminal & just to follow the signs. Only there weren’t any signs, & when I stopped a maintenance man to ask how to get to United, he told me I was on the wrong side of the airport!! He pointed me in the right direction, and after walking & walking & still seeing no signs, I stopped another guy with a walkie talkie thing and asked if I was getting close! He walked part way with me then gave me more directions, so I finally found it. I got in line to check my bag & when I got up to the counter (after a good 15 min.) the man asks me where’s my baggage tag. “Don’t you do that here”? Nope. (In my defense, at General Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee, they print the tag and put it on your luggage for you at the baggage check-in!) I had to get in a different line to use a kiosk to run off a baggage tag, then get back in the baggage check line all over again! Then through security, then had to take a train to my terminal, then another long walk to find my gate. While I’m glad I got my exercise in & the plane left on time, I much prefer a smaller airport where I got off the plane, walked to the baggage claim area, grabbed my suitcase and was out the door in under 20 minutes! Home! :)))

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