Aberdeen City Closed for Business

The city centre was closed off today for cycle races. Nice for those taking part, an inconvenience for just about everybody else. I had thought I would take a few photographs of the cycle racing, however it was not exactly the Tour de France, so I didn't bother.

The picture shows Union Street devoid of racing cyclists and largely devoid of spectators as well. No doubt the local paper will be telling us how great it is for the image of the city and for local traders.

The picture top centre shows the latest addition to the Aberdeen skyline. This is the building which was intended to be offices, then a hotel, until it was noticed there is already a surplus of both. Then it was (or maybe is) intended as student accommodation, until there is more accommodation than there are students. It is certainly another example of inspirational Aberdeen architecture.

The weather was bright and sunny again, but the temperature has dropped about six degrees with a cool wind. 

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