By seizetheday

View over Glendale

The ceiling in the living room is - dare I say it - finished! At last. Now for the walls, but not tonight - I'm shattered!

Needed to stretch my legs and get some fresh air when I'd finished painting, and had intended to walk up to the Common and back. But in the end there was time only for a brisk walk around the town. Some nice views over Glendale in the late evening sun, but telegraph wires in all of them, unfortunately, including this.

Now to water the plants in the yard - we've had very little rain recently, and some of them are beginning to suffer. It will take a while as MrM has disconnected the water supply downstairs while he plumbs in his workshop sink, so I shall have to trail up and down the stairs with the watering can. Better get on with it before it's too dark...

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