By Hotmandarins


Today on our John Gravett photo workshop we visited Grasmere, where we explored a wood on the shore.  We then drove through to Rydal.  

We walked  along the road and took shots of a tree on a little island.  We then walked through the car park and up to Rydal Caves, finding various photos on the way.  

The main blip is the reflections of the cave wall - this is a lightly processed photo, simply rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise - the reflection is real.

The extra is another bluebell done with one of John's adulterated lenses - this one is an old one with the front element reversed.

Today was a good end to a good three day workshop - we've been on John's courses before and had a great time, this was no exception.  Thoroughly recommended for those of you wishing to improve your landscape (or general!) photography. for more details.

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