By davesfotos

There's not a lot of room back here Dave

Early start today 6.30am as I had to be at the clinic in Osny at 8.30 for a laser procedure on my eye before the main operation in a month or two.
I had breakfast and fed the birds before we left at 7.30.
The traffic was not so bad and we arrived in good time.
The doctor was on time too and it was very quick and we were soon back on the way home.
Once home I took more eye drops a coffee , change of clothes and into the garden.
Things were a bit blurry but I still got a fair bit of planting done with the plants we got yesterday afternoon.
In fact my Blip today is our return journey with Molly in the back as I thought it was such a good photo.
More garden work later if it doesn't rain as there's lots to do this time of year.
Well in fact there's always lots to do and I'm very grateful for it.
Thanks for stopping by its appreciated and I hope you have a good day too.

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