Life in Newburgh on Ythan

By Talpa

There's been another murder!

The sand Gaper Mya arenaria is a large bivalve mollusc that lives in burrows up to 50 cm deep in sand, mud and  sandy mud from the mid shore to the shallow sublittoral, sometimes to a depth of 192 m. It is abundant on our local estuarine flats. Their feeding siphons reach the surface of the mud and it is then that the oystercatchers can grab them, and carry them to the shore. Once there they smash their way in with their long powerful beaks and pull out the flesh. Nature red in tooth, claw and beak!
Extra. The blipping year wouldn't be complete without a dandelion clock! Oh, what is was to grow up without a mobile phone, or even a watch, a time when blowing a dandelion seed head was sufficiently accurate to know when teatime had come!

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