By TheOttawacker

When I was a boy ... (Part 265)

When I was a boy, my football boots were black - and if I was particularly lucky, there would be a splash of white on the side of them (then I knew I had Gola or Puma, and not Jack Sharp's £1.99 specials).

When I was a boy, the concept of coloured football boots was unknown. I'd have laughed at anyone wearing yellow or orange or pink or red or white boots. 

"When I was a boy...," I started to Ottawacker Jr. Aged 6, he looked at me, waiting for the latest outpouring of 'you've-no-idea-how-lucky-you-ares' to pour out of my mouth.

I stopped myself just in time. It's not his fault the world is like it is. And they didn't have any black boots in stock - they were special order only.

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