By Hanulli

Evening walk

Claude and Sheila were enjoying an evening walk. The colour of the sky during sunset was impressive and threatening. But they got no storm :-)

Reminder for the Tiny People Challenge TiPS.
Have a look here for the entries in May so far to get an idea.
The tag for May is TiPS33.
You can make as many entries as you like. I'm looking forward to many creative entries of the adventures of all sorts of tiny figures. Have fun!

Busy with the planning for the garden. After the boys had removed a giant thuja ages ago, we have to redesign this area. I've planed and discarded it a thousand time and I thought I was finally ready to order the craftsmen. Then, three days ago I've gotten an insane other idea and after a lot of research we will follow this. Planning back to zero! I'm curious, if it will ever get ready...
Again no time for blip. Sorry :-(

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