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Black swans on the Bronte Lagoon

Imagine spending a day in the UK driving through, say, the Lake District, Anglesey, Devon, Sherwood Forest, Other Places I've Never Been (I'm talking terrain, not distance). At the end of the day, which of your 100 photos would you blip? Add a sunset, mist rising as the air cools, sheep, a moon, a waterfall, the largest hydro-electric power station in Oz (at the time of building) ... It's difficult being a blipper, isn't it!

After narrowing it down, I couldn't choose between two mountain shots, so I've gone with Lake Bronte, and added the mountains as Extras. We drove from Hobart in the south east of Tasmania to Strahan on the west coast, stopping at Derwent Bridge for a lovely lunch.

The landscape changed from wetlands, through forest, past Bronte lagoon and Lake Burbury, up into the mountains and down to Queenstown Valley and on to the coast. Made too many stops, or sat too long over lunch, so we missed by minutes seeing the sun set over the sea. However, we did look out across the the sea soon after, imagining setting sail in a straight line and reaching ... Antarctica. (No, we're not going there.) As we drove back to our hotel at dusk, a kangaroo hopped across our path. (This time it definitely was a kangaroo and not an emu!) Now seems days ago that we left Hobart and read the roadside advertising-board exhorting us to "Love Autumn. Get out of town and into the season."

My favourite roadsign sadly didn't number among my ton of photos: it was a yellow warning triangle by the road leading through forest with a Long Log Lorry Load logo.

Sorry about including Extras yet again. Don't worry - I shall soon run out!

PS Talking to locals made us realise how lucky we are with the weather. By this time of year it's usually pouring with rain and much cooler. Today was dry, sunny, and around 17 degrees centigrade at its warmest.

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