Got an Itch?

Wash and Brush Up!

Took over 200 pictures this morning - this was the last one - the best one I think :)

Lie in
Walk into town and one way along the canal
Ate bad lunch in town - Cafe Rouge - Ham Omlette and Frites, diet coke and an americano - yummy, but bad for the diet!
Walked home 

Total walk was just under 5 miles.  I maybe a tad stiff later....or tomorrow (and my scar is very sore - a bit too much for the first long walk with my big camera perhaps)!

Sadly no ducklings, goslings or cynets at all.  

However, I did seen mayflies (I think) on the water and sparrows seemed to be collecting them - see extras.  Also a moorhen in nest building mode, and a very lonesome looking goose who followed me back up the canal 

Just home before a shower started - having set out in waterproof coat, scarf etc, and walked home carrying everything ( could possibly take off because I was so hot in the sunshine :)

Thank you so much!  I am still no 2 on Popular pages :)

Internet food shopping will be delivered later and I'm cooking a sausage and vegetable bake for dinner :)

No Casualty (yet again put off because of something else I don't watch -Eurovision - stopped being interested in the competition years ago...)  so ITV3 or the Drama Channel I think...or maybe a DVD :)

Happy Saturday folks :)

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