Recovery Day 3......

…..and what a busy day it turned out.

Slept reasonably well after having a bit of trouble getting to sleep, sleeping on my back is dire, but eventually managed.

Got up quite early and exercised as instructed before showering, had breakfast and then had a visit from my granddaughter Emma, followed by her brother Andrew arriving.  Had a lovely time with them, it is always great to hear their news, and then a text from my good friends Pat and Ron to say they were on their way.  Pat has had two hip replacements so it was interesting to get her take on it and find out if I am doing ok.

The kids left, then Pat and Ron, and they were followed by my daughter Cali (Four Story) and Karen, and we had coffee and biscuits, then my niece Rhona arrived with Magnus.  So we had another lovely time enjoying the antics of the wee one, whom I have blipped for the record.

They all left together, and the HG popped out for an Indian meal, which we have just enjoyed, and look forward to some TV now (if there is anything worth watching that is).

All in all a good day, and I managed to fit in all my medication and exercises between visits...….

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