By Paladian

Voting Day

Federal Elections here today - you may not be aware, but voting is compulsory in Australia.  The way we see it if it wasn't compulsory no-one would turn up other than a few passionate die-hards.  Which would mean an undemocratic vote, and we can't have that, can we?

Our voting place of choice is the local primary school, and whilst out the front is decorated with hoards of placards, banners and the like, the back is serene and peaceful with a lovely view.

It occurred to me that Belair Primary would be a great school to go to.

Oh?  The Election?  Against all the odds the Liberals were returned with an increased majority.  Do I care about that?  Yes, I do rather.  It means that we will certainly get all the funds we were promised in the lead-up to the election.  If Labour had got in it's an even 50-50 chance that we wouldn't get them.

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