Another Day, Another Blipmeet!

Following my blipmeet in Newcastle yesterday with Chantler63 and her hubby, we were delighted to be able to meet them again for another blipmeet with coffee & snacks at Barter Books in Alnwick. Hildasrose and her hubby had arrived in Northumberland as well yesterday afternoon, so happily they were able to join us too. My Editor was also in attendance. (Not to forget the Chantler dog, Pepper, who was very well behaved indeed even when other dogs came into the room.)

I wanted to take a photo of all of us together (well, all except Pepper anyway, she wasn't tall enough), so we used a mirror on the wall of the buffet.

From left to right you see my Editor, blipper Hildasrose, her hubby Rob, blipper Chantler63's hubby John, Chantler63 herself, then Yours Truly with the camera held aloft taking the photo.

I'm sure the visitors will have a great week exploring Northumberland; my Editor and I won't be able to see any more of them as we're off on our travels ourselves later today.

(Any defects in the photo should, of course, be blamed on the mirror, not the photographer...!)

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