By tondrijfhamer


This Sunday had a slow start.
After watching the Eurovision Songcontest last night we all went to bed late. It was almost 01.30 when the last light went out. It was a nice family evening together, it felt a bit like in the old days when I was a kid. Back then the Eurovision Songcontest was a spectacular program to watch (at least thats how I remember it)

Nowadays I don't watch this contest from A to Z, it's all gone way over the top I think, but this year the expectations of the Dutch competitor were rather high, so we decided to give it a go.

I must confess we switched to other channels once in a while. What horrible music! The Dutch Duncan did well though and once the counting of the votes had started things were getting more and more interesting.
The performance of pirate Madonna during the interval....well, what can I say. What a fiasco was that!

It came down to Sweden and The Netherlands, and we won! First time again after 44 years. It was about time, I'd say. Well done Duncan.

So, as I said, a slow start today.
Bas and Daan went swimming with schoolfriends and Annemarie and I had a quiet and relaxed coffee. After that I did some gardening and I also prepared the second lesson for my photography course next Wednesday. 

While doing that I got a message from my cousin Gert. I saw him yesterday in Groningen as well and he'd then told me he'd bought a drone, the same one I have, a Mavic 2 Pro.
The message was about making a testflight together. We agreed to meet at the Krimstermolen (Krimster-mill) near Groningen. Open fields all around, so the perfect place for him to practise with his new purchase.
Peter came along as well.

It was great fun flying together. Too bad though the batteries only last for 30 minutes. We could fly a little longer because I have a few extra batteries, but unfortunately they weren't fully charged.

We ended at a sunny terrace of Eetcafé Moeke Vaatstra in Zuidwolde.
I guess we'll be flying more together in the near future.

Of course todays mill was the perfect subject for todays blip.

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