Saluting Twins

It's Lennons 12th Birthday today but as I didn't get a photograph of him I'm showing you one of Julia's photos. I was going to take one at the same time but she was already doing it so I claim I'm morally right to show it as I would have pretty much the same.

I've entitled it 'Saluting Twins' as it certainly looks like Harriet is trying to do a pukka RAF salute while Isabella seems to be harking back to a former life as a Roman Centurian with that cross body salute.

I was RAF, Marlanes Mother and Father were RAF, My father was Blackwatch 1941-45, and Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 1946-47, and my Mother was ATS so they come from a long line of military.
F.M.i.L's brother, Daniel, was also RAF, killed on a 100 bomber raid over Koln 27 November 1944. He would have been 20 the next day and he was a rear gunner in the only Lancaster lost during that raid.

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