Took a roundabout route home to avoid some road works, clipped a kerb, ppfffffft, immediate flat tyre. First ever with this car, due more to luck than my good driving I'd have to say but my luck had ran out! But at least there was nothing fancy about the jack, the wheel nuts hadn't been tightened by Godzilla and I got the wheel changed fairly easily. Straight to the garage but the tyre is shot; typically, that one had the most tread left of all of them! This spare is brand new of course but I'm wearing my winter tyres out before replacing them with a new type of all-weathers that are legal for winter driving in Germany, so I needed a new winter tyre. Unsurprisingly they don't stock winter tyres in May, so it's ordered then this baby can go back in the boot, hopefully for a few more years.

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