Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Meet the Mysterious Breizh Biker

its engine roaring
his steed took him everywhere
on brittany's roads

I first spotted the bike on the parking lot opposite the Lion d'Or, the café I go to everyday for my morning coffee and chat with the regulars. Then I saw the owner, who sat outside the café. I gestured to him to know if I could take photos of his bike (show the camera, show the bike, wait for a sign of assent), and took a few pics (one of them in extra).

He finished his coffee and crossed the road.  By then another of the regulars had arrived and we talked a bit. He bought the bike as a write-off and worked on it. He tolds us he still had to find a proper mudguard. He now has a few supposedly dry months to find and mount it until more humid days come back...

As he mounted his bike I asked again for permission to take photos - and he agreed again. So here you have the Mysterious (no name given) Breizh ("breton" or "Brittany"in breton :-D ) Biker!

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