Robin at large

By Robin

Convention Evening

A very wet day meant I spent most of the day keeping dry. In the evening after the rain stopped the haar came ashore and added to the general feeling of dampness.

Late afternoon we went out for a very nice pre theatre dinner at Poldino's. The restaurant was almost full with others doing likewise. Maybe many of them were on their way to see "Let It Be" at the theatre.

Instead we were heading to the Lemon Tree, a rather more informal venue, to see Fairport Convention. They introduced themselves assuring us they were not a tribute band, they must have been aware "the Beatles" were on at a different venue.

I had a couple of Fairport Convention LPs in the days when I had LPs and something to play them on. No doubt when I bought the records they were much younger, as were we all, unless we were not born yet. Fairport Convention have changed their line up frequently over the years. Only two of the current musicians would have been in the band back in the day of my LPs. The guy second from left is one of the original members (he was still living in his father's house at the time, the house was called Fairport, hence the name of the band). The guy fourth from left joined a couple of years later. They were considered one of the first British "Folk Rock" bands, though they commented at one point during the evening that they never actually did very much "traditional" folk.

Excellent concert and a night to remember. They may be pensioners, but they still sound good. The event finished at about eleven so we had to get a taxi afterwards, it was still damp but we did not have to queue for a taxi. 

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