Castle Reflected

On the beach at Banburgh this morning and ended up playing there all day.  Only playing with tripod and filters against the ever encroaching tide - I had to move many times to avoid being overtaken by the water!  I also popped the filters on to slow the shutter down needing both big and little stoppers to achieve a slow enough speed to compete against the bright sun (extra).  Then Rose and I decided we had earned a stop in a tea shop before moving on to pick up John and Pepper who had been on a long walk.

We thought it would be fun to see the causeway over to Holy Island covered in water (it was now almost high tide) so off we went picking up Rob from our holiday cottage on the way.  It was fascinating to see the speed at which the water was covering the road and quite scary realising the power of the sea -  nothing can stop it! (extra)

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