Upper Inverroy

I had a horrible long desk day. I got some fresh air with Archie and Caley late evening. Caley went and rubbed in something disgusting, after which the air didn't smell that fresh. The burns and ditches at UI are all very low so I couldn't dunk Caley anywhere so we then had an unplanned visit to one of the lochans at Achaderry.
Seemingly keen to retain his new perfume Caley was reluctant to jump in after a stick so I had to push him off the bank. After that he jumped in a few more times willingly. Perhaps with stuff clinging to his collar he still carried a bit of odour back to the car. Caley jumped back inthe car fine, I turned round and Archie had decided to wander off. Now the Achaderry air was polluted with my oaths. 
I thought a walk was supposed to relieve stress.

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