This day

By snapper


Well I was up at 7.30am and started cleaning like a dervish. Today was the day the wuman from the agency was coming to inspect the place. I figured she would be here about three in the afternoon giving me enough time to get the place spick and span! Wrong! She came over last night and was here at the back of ten! Aaarrrgggghhhh. I had only just finished the two bedrooms. It was at this point my world went tits up! Donald has the same sense of timing for going to the toilet to do the smelly side of his business and believe you me you don't want to be within smelling distance, in fact you don't want even to be in the same house!!.There I was hoovering like mad and amidst the racket I think I hear another sound. I think to myself that Donald's bowls may have gotten the better of him! I stop hoovering and listen. Lo and beholds it's the bloody wuman from the agency, she comes in the door and the first thing she says to me is "can I use your toilet"
Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you don't know whether to laugh or cry.
I shout in Gaelic at himself "cris orst is cac" roughly translated, it means shit faster!. The smell by this time would have downed the biggest highland bull.
I can see from the look on her face she is clearly confused and possibly about to faint with the smell.
To my eternal credit I explain to her the situation, she starts laughing and says she will just walk her two dogs, leaving me to deal with the gross situation.
Let me just say that the only two cans of aresols in the house was WD40 and flyspray called off all things Kybosh!!.
Anyway she came back from her dog walk about fifteen minutes later and by that time the place smelt less fragrant . Donald fled , the wuman did her inspection and was very happy and I made a mental note to put air freshener on my shopping list. Job done or should that be jobbies done! I need to lie down now.

Thank you all for your lovely comments on yesterday's blip anniversary. Much appreciated.

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