Love the hat :-)

Ruby continues to enchant us with her funny ways. She wore her matching hat today to come out for a walk with me and Jonty. She fell asleep, she was in a pushchair, for about 20 minutes until we got home

Went to Doggy School with Jonty last night and there's a young lady who usually has a short haired Chihuahua. Last night she had a long haired Chihuahua.
I noticed Jonty watching the little dog for about half the lesson. We sat down while individuals did retrieve exercises.
The Chihuahua was close to us and Jonty was desperate to go and have a chat with it. His tail was going berserk, wagging like mad which is something he doesn't do a lot of.
Although the dog was black I'm sure he recognised it as a Foxy type of dog and was desperate to make friends. They both frolicked around a bit until it was time to get up into the group exercises again.
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