The Old Mill

What better way to spend a Blip anniversary than to share it with another blipper, in this instance lovely Freyjad. We met at Hebden Bridge for a stroll along the canal and a welcome cuppa, then made our way to Hardcastle Crags for a beautiful woodland walk to the old mill...main blip. A spot of lunch and a lot of talking, mainly me I think, then on to the village of Heppenstall for a look around the old church and village centre....see extras Perfect weather, perfect company, thank you Freyjad, I couldn't have done it without you.
Who would have thought that dipping my toe tentatively into the world of Blipfoto 4 years ago, would have led to a day like today? Thank you all so much for the wonderful friendships, real and virtual, it has been a most rewarding experience?.....and will continue to be so x

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