If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Sturnus vulgaris

Starlings are very rare birds in our garden, we get two or three a year.  Four or five miles away as the starling flies they are very common in Kanyl's garden.  This afternoon we were sitting out in the sun feeding the female Blackbird mealworms.  This made the Starlings feel braver as they could see she was coming within 4 feet (1,1 m) of our feet.  This one flew down onto the grass about 8-10 feet (3m ish).  I would have liked a bit more light on the breast but it is probably the best Starling shot I have ever taken.

Out of interest this individual is probably a female.  Two things lead me to this conclusion, neither is totally infallible.  Firstly there is no tinge of blue in the lower mandible, which there often is in males.  Secondly when I magnified the eye there seems to be a brown ring in the Iris.

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