Marking Time

By Libra

The power of crystals

This chunk of muscovite mica rock on the garden wall had an unexpected use today. It provided me with a blip photo for the Tiny Tuesday challenge “mineral”.
M collected it during a geological weekend on Knoydart, regarded as one of Europe’s last great wildernesses ,on the north west coast of Scotland.
Mica, during wartime, became a mineral of high strategic value, an essential war material which due to its unique physical properties rendered it indispensable as an insulating medium in the manufacture of many types of electrical, radio and telephone equipment.
In Russia, where it is plentiful, it was used as a substitute for glass.
Today it has another use.
It is popular amongst those who believe in the power of crystals where it is thought to have a range of healing properties and encourages you to get in touch with your higher spiritual self.

And I thought it was just lump of old rock on the garden wall.

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