Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Day for night for day during the day

big white puffy clouds
over a small woods blue sky
beautiful spring day

I had to go to Saint Nicolas to bring in J's computer for a bit of repair; we're still waiting to hear from the repair shop. The hard drive is dead, or at least its card is dead, but we hope he'll be able to retrieve some information from it, and we also hope that that is the only thing that is wrong with it. Fingers crossed. Visited Jacqui while I was there.

No news from the surgeon yet. He did say two weeks, and that'll only be on Thursday, but I'm getting impatient, as I need to know what exactly he's going to do and when to contact the physio centre and tell them when I would like to go. Fingers crossed I'll know soon now.

That's it, all my figers are crossed, I can't type anymfslk.

Told ya! ;-)

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