in Kassel, Hesse.
We met today my sister and her life companion in Kassel.
We came with bus and lightrail, and they came with train and tram.
Me met in the centre, drank espresso and coffee, and did some shopping with much success.
Then we ate at the restaurant Namaste, a vegetarian and/or vegan meal.
We entered the tram and the bus to reach Herkules the highest point of the hill where the water features start.
We walked the many steps down along the waterbassins towards the big cascades. We admired the Steinhoefer waterfalls, walked over the devilsbridge (shown in my photo).
Loes and I walked towards the aquaduct, while Piet Hein and Paul took another path down.
And the hightlight of course the 50 meter high fountain.
Piet Hein and Paul had been sitting or lying in the grass and Loes and I had waiting and looking out for them sitting on a bench.
In the end we found each other again.
From there we walked through the forest to the Wilhelmshoehe, and took there the tram 1 to the Wilhelmshoehe station.
We took leave there from each other. The day had started grey and dark, but later in the afternoon the sky was blue and the sun warm.
Piet Hein and I went further down with the tram to the centre again and started our return to our home from there.
A marvellous and very interesting day, and so good company. The last time we had see each other had been in January with my birthday.

In a minute I will give silly hearts to wrperry, gordo, evolybab, hinden and Lsquare.

The photo is my entry for the Wide Wednesday and Wild Wednesday Challenge. Huge thanks to BobsBlips and Cailleach for hosting.
The theme for the wide wednesday challenge was artistic and perhaps in a bit far fetched way it is, when one would consider that this is a view which has inspired painters.

There will be not much time left for commenting, but I will tomorrow admire photos again.

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