By Tryfan46

Proud parents

I've you've read yesterday's journal, then today is pretty similar with many things to do before we leave on Saturday for New England and California. We did go to see the swans on Mallards Lake on our walk. Although there are only 5 cygnets in this shot there is a sixth on the far bank and the seventh was dabbling around just out of shot. Very good to see all 7 still there over a week after I last saw them.

Allotment this afternoon, last bits of weeding and more watering. Unless I can squeeze another hour or two tomorrow then it'll be left to its own devices until we return.

The extra is a fascinating beetle we saw on the road while on our walk. Anyone know what it is? With some effort we moved it to the grass verge else it might very well have been squished.

Thanks to Cailleach for hosting WildWed and BobsBlips for hosting widwed.

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