I Voted

I'm quite lucky in that the vote I believe in and wanted to place turned out to also be the advice for tactically voting in my area too. I had been having a bit of a moral quandary about placing a vote I didn't necessarily believe in just on a tactical level and hadn't really decided whether I even could do that, but luckily I didn't have to make the choice. I love what Led By Donkeys are doing with their billboards. To me it's a perfect political protest; it can't be spun into an attack because these are their own verifiable words, it can't be lauded as violence or inciting violence, and boy do they make folks look silly. Bit offensive to donkeys though, innit?... 

In other news, today we raised almost £120 at my office base for Delicious Day, raising funds to benefit patients with dementia across the Trust. And I got a samosa out of it! (I paid for it, mind, but it was worth it!)

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