By TheMapSmith


A mixed day - a prang this morning when someone inexplicably drove into the side of me while I was stationary at a pedestrian crossing. Fortunately I was driving the Freelander, so although the front of the other car was rather the worse for wear after the encounter, mine just had some scratches. In the words of the garage mechanic who looked her over (it seemed best to get her checked out to make sure that there wasn't anything amiss/out of alignment that wasn't immediately obvious) "well, that's the thing about Land Rovers - other cars just bounce off 'em!"

After that, the day improved markedly. I had some minor victories against the tsunami of paperwork in my office, and a tricky personnel situation has resolved itself. The yellow roses are still fragrant and beautiful on my desk. The sun shone and I had lunch on "my" park bench.

However, I didn't do very well with blipping - so here's a bit of contrast that caught my eye while killing time before my evening session. I adore vapour trails....

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