Layer upon never ending layer of water

A great day even if most of my outdoor shots include mist! A huge leisurely breakfast was followed by a drive down to SAN Luis Obispo where we had a look in Dress Barn which is about to close for good! I didn’t find anything but found two more tops in a neighbouring Van Heusen!

By this time we were ready for a cake and found a lovely bakery! “Pardon my French”.
I had a delicious almond croissant! Ro a rich chocolate cake!

Then it was a new to me health shop “Sprout”. I wish we were buying, but you can’t take food home etc. Loved the shop. Lots of barrels of anything that can be bought by weight. The fruit and veg looked amazing too.

On to Pismo beach. We had a walk to the pier and I took this photo among others! Then we had dinner in a great restaurant: Sea Venture. It was wonderful looking out over the ocean. It would have been wonderful to have seen a beautiful sunset like last nights but it was just grey! The food was excellent! A strawberry salad shared with Ro followed by salmon on a bed of quinoa with strawberries and avocado. Yum! Finally a crème caramel shared with Ro! He had the fillet steak! All in all a great meal!

Home. Tomorrow we drive back to Alameda!

Many thanks to Inge for hosting Abstract Thursday - layers!

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