By PicturePoems

Paddling in the Tasman Sea

We were told the sea would be cold, but it felt a lot less cold than sea at home in the winter. Mr PP took the record of my standing in the Tasman Sea, while I took the others of the beautifully curved granite rocks that form the Wauba beach. We're loving this seaside resort of Bicheno on the east coast of Tazzie. Just hours before we arrived yesterday, around 200 dolphins were seen herding a feast of fish around the bay, with two whales following on. Sadly for us they didn't return today, but what a spectacle it must have been! But still ... can you spy the natural blowhole formed where the sea's created a cave under the rock and broken through its ceiling?

My Extra shows two new bird-spottings for me. Well, three, if you count the Little Penguin road-sign! One is a Pacific Gull (Larus pacificus) and the pair with their beaks tucked inside their back feathers are Sooty Oystercatcher (Haematopus fuliginosus). We were both too whacked to set out again at dusk in the hope of watching Little Penguins, aka Fairy Penguins, coming ashore overnight. We did witness this off the coast at St Kilda, Melbourne, so we'll hang on to that memory and go and find some supper. So glad we had two nights at this gorgeous spot!

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