I went out and did the grocery shop first thing. Glad I did too, it was fairly busy in there so it was good to get it done.

Once back I had an email to say the time we'd arranged earlier in the week to do a gig had to be changed and we could do the Sunday instead of the Saturday. It's at the Teignmouth Airshow which will happen for the first time this July. There won't be planes flying on the Sunday so I've had to get back to all the band to see if they still want to do it. Unfortunately after I'd written a fairly frank view of the situation to the band and sent it off I realised I'd replied to the organiser instead of forwarding it to the band. Oops!

Looking for a local blip I saw this barley crop looking fresh and green and waving in the breeze. I like the lines of tracks leading up the hill.

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