All part of the story

By Treshnish

Scallastle hill

The first thing on my to do list today in Tobermory was to finish off the photos for the Food Trail website.  

First on the list was Macgochans, a lively pub serving lots of local produce.  I wasn't to know that there was a fire in the early hours of this morning and the building had been more or less gutted.  

Next on the list was Tobermory Scullery, but they were closed today to celebrate their baby's first birthday, and had left the chairs up on the tables so I couldn't even do an external shot!  Then the Bakery, it was so busy I couldn't get to the counter to photograph their wares. So I wasn't very successful! 

Macgochans will be closed for the rest of the season.  There is lots of work in other cafes, pubs and restaurants apparently so the staff should be okay.   

We went to a talk this evening called 'Scotland: the Big Picture' - a group of photographers and film cameramen using high quality imagery to talk about what Scotland should/could look like if it was to be rewilded.   Peter Cairns, who gave the talk, was an interesting speaker.  Rewilding can sometimes be seen to be anti-farming but actually he spoke of differing opinions and the importance of conversation in bringing those with opposing opinions together.  They use a hashtag encouraging us all to #ThinkLikeAMountain. 

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