Boundary Dwellers

By Hell4Murph


Looking for somewhere quiet to sit and eat the (very good) piece of frittata i'd bought from Casa Angelina on my walk up to John Lewis, i had to continue on up Leith St and then onto Calton Hill before finding this spot.

Two interesting conversations while there: the first with two Sri Lankan couples who had to negotiate their way down all the steps to the steep street from their AirBnB (no mention of the access issue when they booked); the other with an artist across the street into whose frame i'd unintentionally put myself when i sat down on said steps to eat.

The weird and complicated structures of the Calton Hill houses
AirBnB and its impact (endless trail of people with suitcases, almost every door opposite with multiple key safes)
Old Town Association
Jeffrey St/St Mary St in 1990 - butcher's, fishmonger, grocery store.......
How art college graduates earn their crust (he'd become a nurse).

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