More Culture

We seem to have had a lot of it lately.
Tonight it was “Let me be Frank” at the Blackheath Golf Club performed by Ed White.
The first half was as expected with some classic Sinatra numbers.
The second was billed as “Crooners and Classics” so I assumed we would be in for something even older such as my mother’s favourites Nelson Eddy and Bing Crosby.
However it was rather “after the time” of the audience in general. I felt quite young being able to identify Amy Winehouse (from her wig) for our table.
The two performers, father and daughter, did a very good job of impersonating a variety of pop icons.

There was truck accident at Medlow Bath today which blocked the highway for over 12 hours. Mr isbi had to go to Katoomba and the 15 minute trip took him 45 minutes there and an hour and a half to get home.
I was going myself but after proceeding about 50 metres in 15 minutes I managed to do a U turn and aborted the exercise.
One of our friends came to the show tonight by taxi from Katoomba which cost him $85!
As fate would have it there was also trackwork on the railway line so trains had been replaced by buses.
Unfortunately there is no alternate route through this part of the mountains,

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