The Local Pound

- not where we lock up the local felons, it wouldn't be very effective anyway.  An ancient village pound where livestock straying onto the grazing common of Crook would be herded and kept until released to the owner on payment of a small cash forfeit for his negligence. 

Information gleaned from a walking history leaflet  of the village I have been given and was going to walk today, but it started to rain as I got to the pound , so took a shot and went home.  I wouldn't want you to think I never walk in the rain but you need quick drying trousers and a waterproof jacket. 

More information about the pound if you have the patience to read on -

It is conveniently on the border of 3 old parishes that all had common grazing land but that was before 1823 when the land was enclosed by private act of Parliament,  and divved up among the Commoners of the Village after which there was a frenzy of wall building to enclose all the new allotments. In our village, Crook,  alone 40 miles of wall was erected.  Goodbye open fell common grazing and hello fields and the landscape you see today.

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