Sycamore Gall Mite Infestation

Spotted this infestation on some of the sycamore trees in the woods this morning. The little red lumps are barely bigger than a pinhead. They are galls - caused by tiny mites (0.2mm long) burrowing in the leaf. Eggs are laid and hatched inside the gall. Apparently there is no lasting damage to the tree - just an unsightly blemish on the leaves. Bit of a lazy blip - just feel completely exhausted and no enthusiasm for anything at the moment.

I had another trip to the post office to post a few more parcels, then to Wetherby to the bank. I then spent about five hours at the studio cutting, stacking, packing and labelling fabric, as well as printing and packing quilt patterns - we are topping up the stock ready to take to a show we are doing next weekend at Askham Bryan near York.

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