By Number147

Brixton & Brockwell Park

We tried a Lebonese restaurant before last night's concert. There were many vegetarian choices but the meal did not quite hit the mark.

On to the Albert Hall where Roger Hodgson was superb! He did not disappoint whatsoever. 

Florence stayed with us in a hotel overnight and then we went to Brixton to see her new home.

I can absolutely see why she wanted to move there! Such a great atmosphere (I didn't realise there is an actual Electric Avenue) Lots of opportunity for live music and many choices for a late breakfast.

We then walked across Brockwell Park to her house which is on the edge.  Brockwell Park  has much to offer with a stunning walled garden, a community garden full of veg and herbs, tennis courts, vast meadows and even a Lido.

I've seen lots of people out with dogs in London. Florence would like one and we talked about sharing one. Her neighbour has a Golden cocker spaniel pup and she (Milly) is beautiful.

Anyway, another big day out tomorrow for my B-in-L so we are home in good time. I've watered my garden already! 

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