Mountainous Paint

We went out to the Saltaire Arts Trail today, where the Leeds Photographic Society Exhibition was being held.  We had a look around that, had lunch in the park, and then wandered around some of the stalls in the hall before retiring to a vegan cafe for tea and cake.  

There were some interesting kaleidoscopes on the wall in the cafe - we only found out about it because we were accosted with a leaflet in the centre of Saltaire.  We'd never have found it otherwise.

We looked at a portrait artist's work in one of the open houses after tea and then had a wander around an antique (tat) shop before returning to Salts Mill for a spot of shopping and a wander around their antiques section which we'd never seen before.  Sharon bought some very cheap peacock feathers.

This image started life as a picture of peeling paint on the gallery wall in the roofspace of Salt's Mill.  I've messed with it a bit to make a mountainscape.

Quality Yorkshire sign in the extra.  (For those of you struggling with the translation: "Make Something")

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