Red Flash

By RedFlash

Time to celebrate

I fell asleep on the sofa after a very large G+T.

I couldn’t go and look for Willis in the morning as I was due to volunteer for the National Trust. While I volunteered HtP worked on my broken fence.

We had a phone call as a result of the posters that we had put up. One of the guys that had tried to capture him phoned to say that two cars had stopped the traffic and had tried to capture him. So we knew that he potentially in the same area.

My son and some friends headed off to the area where he was last seen. After I had volunteered and HtP and I had had lunch we went to join the search.

We walked through the woods parting undergrowth. We were there for hours. Occasionally we heard a sound and we stopped and listened but it wasn’t him.

As Murphy was with us we headed for home as he needed his dinner.

A friend of ours went back to the area to leave a bed for him. And he appeared.

She brought him straight round. Having been away for so long he was very hungry and thirsty.

And then there were lots of Facebook updates to be done so that people knew that he was safe.

Then it was time to celebrate.

And the flower is Love in a Mist or Nigella.

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