By rainie

Those Trees Again

I've been out for lunch with a bunch of friends and colleagues (many I didn't know) from my workplace that I worked at for 25 years.  And it was a lot of fun.  I was late home and with out a blip. 
It seemed I would have to resort to my garden, was outside wandering around looking for some inspiration.....the sun was at it lowest, I looked up at the trees, got rather excited as the light blew me away so clicked off a few, not many leaves left now.

.....Why photography is good for our mental wellness is worth a read.

I opened an email this morning with some news I was chuffed with - National Salon results - an Honours, a Highly Commended and three Acceptances - its a tough competition so was very pleased. 
Incidentally,  I'm pretty sure all of them have been blips over the last year, and the Honours, Highly Commended and one of the Acceptances were Pep Ventosa's which I thought was surprising.
20° today, the warm temps continue

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