Wot, No Photo!

Can you believe I didn't take a single photograph on the 25th, despite the twins being with us!
What I did do was trace my route from Coquelles to Troisvaux where I will be riding to on the 2nd June. I wanted to check what I was looking for when I got there.
I'm only staying overnight so I took this screen shot of where I will be staying the night and sent it to the B&B to make sure it was the right place. 
I had a very quick reply to confirm it is correct and that there is a sign directing people to the parking area.
It's not too far, about 1 hour riding from the Eurotunnel terminal (Coquelles). I will then ride to Calais port to meet up with others who are travelling by ferry, and ride down with them. We are not staying at the same place as it does not do single night stopovers!

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