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By Syetuttle

Flower Power: Bodnant Gardens

What a place. One of the busier National Trust places we've been to as we had to park our car in the far corner of the Universe. Blame it on the Parkrun as we left home after 10.30. The A55 was kind to us the usual way (slight hint of sarcasm there).

Once arrived, we found a decent picnic spot only for it to rain slightly the moment we sat down. Not all bad as D had a red re-usable bag handy to stop her curls going crazy. Mrs Tuttle sat in Granddads wheelchair. We fitted right in like half the cast out of One Flew Over The Cookoo's Nest as we tucked into our butties. The Gardens are, well, the stuff that most of us can only dream of. Flowers unheard of, ponds that will never fit in your own garden and paths that require a strong GPS signal at every turn. Though it was not the most wheelchair friendly of places in the world but we managed as we pushed, carried, pushed up, and carried some more (the wheelchair that is, not Granddad). Photo heaven? Yes, indeed, but I did somehow limit myself to 15 shots on my Pentax and 40+ on my new Hauwei mobile. I have been more sociable with(out) my picture taking lately.

Does that mean my Pentax will eventually be made redundant? I think not. Even as the camera on the Hauwei is a bloody good one at 20 pixels vs 16 pixels on my Pentax, there are limitations as shown in the collage of myself and Mrs Tuttle in the extras. Still not regretting the Hauwei of course.

The return journey took us the scenic route via Colwyn Bay, then Chester as we bought a new summer quilt, garden stuff from Home Bargains (keeping up appearances after our visit to Bodnant Gardens) and pizza Lidl for tea.

Movie? Jaws.

Awesome day. 

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