Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1674. Just chillin’

This is my middle grandson watching Youtube videos at our house this morning whilst I was helping out his step Mum.
I was helping her complete a form for PIP...Personal Independence Payments which replaced Disability Living Allowance a wee while ago. The form is over 50 pages long and asks the person (who has a disability) to answer the most detailed questions about their daily challenges.... no wonder people find it so took us three hours to complete and there were pages of writing to do! She doesn’t read so well and has a learning disability but lives independently with her partner who is brilliant at helping her but this form was even beyond him. I don’t quite understand if she was eligible for a payment then they changed the name of that payment, why she had to re-apply? But here we are three hours later it’s done and all the supporting evidence attached (again) and it’s posted. She’ll probably have a face to face interview which she’d never cope with on her own so I’m going to go with her. Her life is hard enough without constant form filling!
Rant over and fingers crossed all goes ok all we’ll have to appeal....

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