By Philiphoto

I don't usually need to explain...

... my blips. But, in this case, I think there is a story to tell.

We decided to pay a visit to Harrogate's famous Bettys Tea Rooms for a light lunch - in the week of their centenary celebrations.

As soon as we were seated, I spotted a large silver bowl, used as an over-sized ice bucket on the counter, near our table. The multiple reflections looked like a possible photo opportunity.

Besides the distortions caused by the curved surface (for example the rather enlarged head of the person holding the camera - which can't possibly be me!), the pedestrians passing the window have large heads and tiny bodies - some with reflections above them). 

The other effect is the very wide angle of view of the buildings and roads .

Throughout our meal, I kept taking further shots to make sure I had a choice. But the blip is the very first shot, selected largely because of the bright red jacket on the left of the picture.

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