By FoundWanting

The Art of Demolition

Mr Grumpy was driven at Munich speed past this site of imaginary treasures yesterday. I sat in the rear passenger seat in a brief sullen disengagement with the driver as we sped on to another more pressing engagement.
But then I remembered what Scarlett would say; that “tomorrow is another day” and being an adult I can find my own way to these places, without the heavy supervision, restraints and medications I endured at a previous boarding school.

I am fascinated by sites of demolition, and fortunately there are a few around Munich at the moment. The unfortunate by-product is that some truly awful monstrosity can be reconstructed in their place. Another analogy of current world politics.

Sort of getting the hang of this Instax film thing. Starting to find out what, when and where to take images. Although I am wondering whether there’s a protective cellophane covering over the lens of my camera that I’ve forgotten to remove. I’ll have to have a good go at the 3-element Aspheric lens one day with my (t)rusty dottle reamer.

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