Pootling around the bay

I am sure that is not a nautical term but that was what they were doing on their Sunday morning activity. I was on the other side and pulled in to the car park to ensure a blip for today. I was returning from yet another shopping trip with everything I had forgotten yesterday.
Hubby is doing fine and we both wish to thank everyone for the kind wishes coming our way. He has been, as always, the perfect patient - never complaining and always doing as he is told. It makes my role as Florence so much easier - and I think I have passed the test for the first 24 hours. Hopefully things will continue in the same way. We went for a short walk after lunch and he coped well with that. Then we went over to Son#1to watch the Play off final. We would probably have been there had hubby not had his surgery this weekend. I am glad we  were not there. A team can only take so much disappointment and it was 1998 reprised. Oh well - there is always next season.

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