By Veronica


Aude looks rather surprised by what she's being told. Let's hope they are not talking about the depressing results of the European elections. I made it to my conversation group for the first time in three weeks. There were eighteen of us, a great turnout, but unfortunately only two native French speakers, so we roped our hostess Aude in to help out. S and I had to pretend to be French too (it has to be said that even after 22 years no-one is going to doubt we are British as soon as we say a couple of words).

Both S and I have come down with sore throats and S's voice was reduced to a croak by the end of the afternoon. Officially we finish at 5 but it was nearly 6 by the time everyone stopped chatting. So it is a success in terms of people making new friends, even if we still don't have enough French people.

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